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... there you go, end of the universe, butterfingers
excerpt from "The Writer's Tale: The final chapter" Part II 
8th-Feb-2010 12:46 pm
Finished "The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter" this morning. ♥
And it was even better than the first edition. I just loved how he ended with talking about his very first episode "Rose" on the last pages.

From. Russell To: Benjamin, Monday 7 July 2008 15:36:09 GMT
Remember all that wrangling earlier this year over the two-Doctors-and-Rose-scene on Bad Wolf Bay, because it didn't feel anything like human experience? Well, I've received an e-mail from lovely Pete Bowker ...
In having one Doctor grieve for his lost love, while the other Doctor went off with that same lost love, you have written of that moment we all have when we make a choice. It is grieving for the love we never had (and the sex we never had) because of the choices we made.
It did work! I love that e-mail.

From: Benjamin To: Russell, Thursday 7 August 2008 13:37:35 GMT
I interviewed David on Barry [Island], in his stripy pyjamas. [...] Oh, and he mooned the paparazzi  out at sea. I'd forgotten that. There was a speedboat circling, so he just went, 'I'm going to show them my arse,' and pulled down his pyjama bottoms. One of the make-up girls was standing right behind him. He hadn't realized. 'It's okay,' she said, 'It's nothing I haven't seen before.'

From: Russell To: Benjamin, Wednesday 25 February 2009 00:54:07 GMT
(Script extract)
6,727,949,338 versions of us, all awaiting orders.
Yeah, much as I like looking at myself, I think you can get out of that dress.
Is that an invitation?
Now that would be different. And brilliant. But later!
I'm a psychological minefield.

But that last bit, with the Master,  I get why it had to go but it was sooooo funny. :D
8th-Feb-2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
That script extract re: the Master is hilarious. XD
13th-Jun-2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
That Master part sounds brilliant! But I can understand why they left that off ;)
Was thinking of buying the Writers Tale: The Final Chapter, is it worth buying? It sounds reallygood :)
13th-Jun-2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
It absolutely is worth it! It is one of the best books I have ever read - not only because it is about DW but it also gives you a great insight into film/tv making.
13th-Jun-2010 09:58 pm (UTC)
Everyone who I talked to seems to really like it :P
I will have to go and pick it up at some point! I suppose its a bit like confidential in book form :D:D
I dont think its madly expensive either is it? I'll have to have a look round :D
Thanks for the info!
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