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Watson: What is going on?

Holmes: Wrong question.

Watson: Uhm... why are we running around with presents?

Holmes: Stupid Question. Well, then again, you look pretty stupid with that hat.

Watson: ... what hat?

Holmes: Stop asking stupid questions. You should know today is a very important day. It is Katha's birthday! Now run faster!


Okay, this is probably totally stupid. But I hope you are having a great day anyway, my love. :D
Happy Birthday!

Fanvideo "The last snowfall" - the last walk of the Tenth Doctor


song: The last snowfall by Vienna Teng
character(s): Ten (Rose)

formats: wmv & stream
size: 115MB
disclaimer: None of the clips nor the song belong to me but to the BBC and Vienna Teng.

notes: This is nothing special, I just love the song so much and thought it fits quite well with Ten's final moments. Only includes scenes from 4x18 The End of Time / Part II.

MegaUpload & Rapidshare

When did I move to the north pole?

* Anyone on my flist who would be interested in "The Writer's Tale"? I ordered the second edition and want to get rid of the first one now.
It has got a stamp on the bottom but other than that it looks like new (I can post a picture, if yoyu want).
BUT!!! Since the book is quite heavy I would be willing to give it away for free as long as you pay the shipping. (Although, I would not mind getting something DW-related in return - icons, graphics etc.)

* Got this from astudyinpanic . This is Germany's new EU-minister.